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Enjoy writing and creativity!

Hello! I'm Maja. Welcome to my happy place where books are everything but usual. I hope you enjoy exploring this website and browsing through my gallery of Happy Books! Hopefully, one of them is Your's Forever Journal!


Creating these unique and precious books makes me happy on so many levels: it allows me expanding my creativity; living in present moment and improving my focus; creating something that serves people and makes them happy.

I strongly believe that writing plays an important role in sustaining our mental health, especially in times when huge amount of information creates chaos, anxiety and confusion in or minds (sometimes in our hearts and souls as well).

As journalist and writer I know how hard sometimes it can be separating ourselves from bad things that surround us and finding our inner peace. Browsing through wonderful pages of junk journals is soothing but I encourage you to use them for writing too.

I like to say that all my journals are unfinished products. They become finished once you fulfil their pages with your thoughts, memories, photographs and many other things that mean so much to you.

You can use junk journals as notebooks, cookbooks, photo albums, planners, travel or manifestation journals. I create journals out of old books, book pages and dyed paper for different occasions and types of people. I play with different textures and textile, I explore many different techniques and I always keep in mind that books should be useful, not just decorations on shelves.


I do accept custom  orders

Feel free to contact me if you like my work and if you'd like me to create a journal for you. Keep in mind that every creative process needs freedom of expression. :)

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