ProPR obrt za usluge i trgovinu, vl. Maja Mahovlić

Ilica 71, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska



for unilateral termination of the contract for the purchase of a product concluded with the online store via Internet order (remotely)


I, ___________________________________________ (name and surname of the consumer) from __________________________________________ (consumer address: place, street, number) hereby declare that I unilaterally terminate the Contract for the purchase of the following goods: ___________________________________________ (enter the name of the item, catalog number) according to the account number ___________________________ (enter the document number) received on __________________ (enter date). I hereby request a refund on ______________________________________________________________________________ (IBAN of the transaction account, name, surname, address of the owner of the transaction account)



         Consumer signature 


In _______________________ (city / town),

days _____________________. (Date).