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A one-stop shop for all of you junk journal lovers!

Welcome to Junk Journal Factory

A happy and vibrant place where you can explore different kinds of journals! These lovely journals come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors.  


However, no matter how small, big, chunky, or vibrant they are, they are intended for writing & cherishing lovely thoughts and precious memories of their owners.


Enjoy your stay!

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Handmade & unique

I've started creating journals because I wanted to make one for myself but as soon as I've finished it, I realized how much I enjoy the process, so I kept making new ones.




Absolutely gorgeous journal. So happy to have got this. The cover is sturdy and well made and there are so many pages and enough writing space too. Highly recommend this shop.



Gorgeous journal. Love all the extras! I’m a big fan of Alice in Wonderland so I very much appreciate the postcard. The little “wallet” in the back is very clever!



My journal is beyond beautiful. The detail is gorgeous. I love that every page has so much beauty! Thank You for the ribbons to use for book markers. The quality and craftsmanship is beyond what I expected! Thank You again! 

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Book Classics

Junk Journal Collection

A perfect gift, especially for

Alice in Wonderland

book lovers!

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Victorian "staple" Journal

This is my staple journal. You can always order one. It takes me up to 5 working days to finish it.

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Didn't find what you were looking for? That perfect junk journal.

I get you... Let's make you a custom one.

Click the button below, write me your vision and let's make it happen!

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