Junk Journal - Alice The Duchess


These are two almost identical journals with the Alice in Wonderland theme. Just to make a difference, this one is called The Duchess. 


There are many pockets, ephemera and decorations in this journal for you to explore. The most beautiful part of both of these journals are velvet covers in dark red color. 


The pages of these journals are quite similar but the pictures are not glued in the same order and the stickers in journals are different. Although they look small, these journals actually have quite enough writing space and you can use decorated pages for writing as well. 


Both journals come with a little surprise: decorations in the middle of each signature are different and each journal has a tiny book hidden inside.


*Perfect as a gift, especially for Alice in Wonderland book lovers! 




Flip through video.


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Alice 'The Duchess'

  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 11.5 cm

    Number of pages: 136

    Signatures: 3

    Spine: 2.5 cm

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