Junk Journal - Poison Garden


Poison Garden is a unique interesting journal made of old book covers and different papers. It has only four signatures but don't let that fool you, it is quite heavy and filled with many interesting pieces and hidden pockets to explore.


Book covers are decorated with coffee dyed cardboard, spray stain, textile butterflies, scraps from an old book and beautiful elegant black lace which is used throughout all the book as well.


Pages of this journal are made with different kinds of digital paper and dyed paper. There are many nature elements such as butterflies, birds, moths and roses. Digital papers are printed on calligraphy paper in soft beige colour and the other pages are more vibrant to create lovely and interesting contrast through the entire journal.


There are many ephemera pieces in this journal and extra tags and papers for writing although this is a writing journal so you'll have enough writing space.


I really enjoyed creating this journal because I started making it without any special plan or idea, I just went page by page to see where it takes me and I really like the final result. Cute little bottle which decorates the spine of this journal is removable and it should represent a small bottle of potion. How cute is that?


Flip through video.




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Poison Garden

  • Dimensions: 22 x 14.5 cm

    Number of pages: 244

    Signatures: 4

    Spine: 2.5 cm

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