Junk Journal - Sweet Dreams Alice


This beautiful dreamy journal in Alice in Wonderland theme is a bit different than other Alice journals because I wanted to create a journal which reminds me a bit of a 'good night story' book. Lovely 3D wooden stars dyed in gold paint on dark blue fabric covers remind of a night sky.


This journal is made out of old book covers (as majority of my journals). It has book corner protectors and pages are decorated with three different styles of lace.


This journal has many lovely pieces for you to discover in hidden pockets. There are some metal decorations as well and a beautiful blue ribbon so that you can close your journal properly (it is quite chunky and heavy).


Pages are made of coffee dyed paper and digital paper. There are many vintage pictures from Alice in Wonderland books as well as prints of photographs of real Alice (and her sisters).


This lovely dreamy book can be used as beautiful decoration on your bookshelf, you can use it as a photo album and for writing as well.


Flip through video.




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'Sweet Dreams, Alice'

  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm

    Number of pages: 132

    Signatures: 3

    Spine: 3 cm

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